Hi, I'm Eddy. I am a chess coach & International Chess Player. The World of 64 Squares, is where I reside! 

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I focus on making sure that my online chess lessons are personalized and helpful.

As an online chess Trainer, I make sure that your chess training gets you the best result. During our online Lessons, We work together and figure out how to improve your Chess rating and skills without disturbing your work or education life.

I focus on improving your Positional/Strategical Chess Knowledge while also making sure that enough work is being put into Practical Endgame Positions. Instead of just showing you the opening moves, I thrive to make you understand the ideas, plans and concepts of the opening which makes sure you play confidently and without any issue! During our lessons, I also try to teach you how you should spend your valuable time on chess.

Obviously, during the course of our online chess lessons, We will be having a thorough look at your games which will help me figure out your weakness, strong suits and playing style. This information will set the course for our online chess lessons and will be one of the deciding factors for opening choices.


About me.

Player Profile.

As a Player, I am 2200+ FIDE Rated - 2700 in Lichess Rapid (Top 50 in Lichess Rankings) - 2500 in Lichess Bullet. Sicilian Dragon and Grand Prix are the love of my life, and I love thrilling Double-Edged positions where I get opportunities to attack.


During my study with strategy books and world-class trainers (Grandmasters, International Masters included), I studied Positional Chess concepts rigorously. Once in a while, I do enjoy playing 1. c4 and play through the rich strategic ideas that occur through that opening!

The Openings I play:

  • Sicilian Dragon as Black

  • Benko Gambit as Black

  • Sicilian Grand Prix as White

  • Najdorf Bg5 as White

  • The Scotch Opening as White

  • French Advanced as White

  • Caro-Kann Advanced as White

Coach Profile

Chess Coaching is something I have been passionate about since I was a Young Kid. With the exceptional and sound experience that I have gained throughout my experience as a player and also from the knowledge I have received from my very own chess trainers, I strive on giving the Best Advice.


My Lessons are Interactive and I work with Players of All Levels! I also give bits of advice on how to self-work, so that you would not always need my help! Honesty is the best policy!

  • Interactive Lessons

  • Free Consultation via Discord Messages after Lessons too! 

  • Time-to-time updates and reports

  • Personalized Curriculum

  • Powered by own playing and training methods that are customized to your own needs!