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Stop solving chess tactics the wrongs way

Updated: Jul 13

It's every day for me to recommend my students to solve tactics, obviously because of how important they are. What I have noticed that in the past couple of months, since the websites replaced the old-school way of solving tactics through a Book, a lot of players have started to Guess (many times intuitively) the correct moves instead of actually solving it since the starting position.

It is still better than not solving tactics, but the correct way to solve tactics should be to wait patiently and visualize the lines and reach a conclusion where you are winning or where you think the Solution is Solved.

The cons of guessing are that this way, You are not really improving your visualization and calculation skills, which are one of the most important reasons why you are solving tactics in the first place. During games, the move you play is final which means that you have to calculate and visualize things.

Yes, sometimes you calculate thoroughly, but you are still not 100% sure - You can guess in those cases, but guessing should not replace thinking. Just my two cents, I thought this was obvious but I realize now, that many of you need this to be clarified. :))

(Oh, and I personally highly recommend 's tactics trainer - I find those to be much tougher, realistic, and practical comparatively to and Lichess)

Disclaimer: This is just a re-post of the article I wrote over at Reddit. The original post can be found here

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