As a player myself, I understand how costly chess coaching is. I have tried to keep my lessons as AFFORDABLE AS IT CAN GET without comprising the quality of hard work I put into each hour of work.


I generally recommend this to those who are having lessons with me for the First Time. I say this because, essentially by having an hour of lesson, you will understand and conclude whether or not you wish to have more lessons and if you should buy a package with more lessons.


Satisfied with my lessons and want to buy a package which is even more affordable? Well, thanks a lot! This is recommended to those who are not sure whether to go for the 10 hours or the 5 hours. Pricing Results to $17/hour and you save $15 in total!

10 HOUR PACKAGE - $150

The Most Affordable Plan - This plan is perfect for those who wish to have lessons with me long-term and have been satisfied with my lectures. This is VERY Affordable considering the pricing results to $15/hour and you have a saving of a whopping $50!